Glutton for God’s Word…

Yep, I’m a glutton. I just can’t get enough of God’s Word!! If there’s a Bible study being offered, I want in. If there’s a challenge or invitation to study a particular book of the Bible you can bet I’m digging in to that too! When I’m in God’s Word, He fortifies my heart, filling the empty spaces with what I need most…His Presence.  Here are a few studies, challenges I’m up to right now and I would LOVE for you to join me!!

The study I’m most excited about starting is Wendy Blight’s online study on her book Hidden Joy. This will begin April 9th {the day after Easter}. I’ve read her book many times and participated in another online Bible study based on her book. Here’s the skinny on what’s going on…

Drawing from her book, Hidden Joy, Wendy shares her incredible journey of healing and restoration after being assaulted by a man hiding in her apartment. Through her amazing testimony of God’s strength in our weakness, His hope in our hopelessness, and His healing in our brokenness, in this study with Wendy you will:

  • Apply God’s Word in a way that makes it relevant and applicable to your everyday circumstances.
  • Gain victory over your fears through regularly and faithfully praying Scripture.
  • Intensify and empower your prayer life through learning to pray God’s Word.

This seven-week on-line study will include short weekly video messages, Bible study, chapter discussions, lessons on how to pray, great fellowship, and on-going conversations on Wendy’s web site.


I’m currently doing two challenges one from Gwen Smith from Girlfriends in God and the other from Marilynn Chadwick. Gwen has invited us to read one chapter of Proverbs every day in the month of March. I’ve bee trying to write a little blog entry for each chapter, but life has been getting in the way; I will finish doing that…though it will have to be a different schedule.  Marilynn’s challenge is to read one chapter of John starting yesterday. It’s a 21-Day Experiment and I hope you’ll join me in that!


Right now I am finishing up Renee Swope’s study on her book A Confident Heart. My Monday School girls and I have been reading through her book and will be done just before Easter. But there’s great news! Renee is leading this study again starting April 23rd! Here’s some more info if you would like to jump in…

Ever feel like you’re not good enough, smart enough, or valuable enough? Renee Swope understands. And that’s why she’s leading an online community of women through her life-changing book, A Confident Heart– again this Spring. Chapter by chapter she’ll show us how to stop doubting ourselves as we learn to live in the security of God’s love and promises. Whether reading it for the first time, or going through it again, you will learn how to:

  • Discover and live confidently in your God-given purpose, passion, and personalities;
  • Break free from people-pleasing and performance-based living
  • Trust the certainty of God’s truth over the uncertainty of your circumstances and emotions.
  • Become the woman God created you to be!

This group will meet online from April 23 – June 29, and will include Bible study, engaging chapter discussions, free video teaching messages and on-going encouragement via Renee’s blog/website and Renee’s Confident Heart Facebook page.


Starting this Sunday the 25th, my friend Melissa Taylor will be leading another online Bible study, this time on Micca Campbell’s book An Untroubled Heart. Here’s the information on that…

We live in unstable times filled with conflict and uncertainties. Life is unpredictable and fear and anxiety can become a daily reality. An Untroubled Heart, by Micca Campbell, is a woman’s guide for living a carefree, worry-free life.

During the online study, we will explore the anxieties of a woman’s heart – from insecurities, to finances, to marital challenges, to raising healthy children and more. You will be equipped to lay down your worries, trust in your Heavenly Father, and embrace a life marked by peace and joy. This online community is interactive, fun, and life-changing. More information and sign-ups can be found on Melissa’s blog. {Visit today for a giveaway!}


So tell me my friends. What are you studying these days? How are you spending time with the Lord each day? Is there a particular Bible study you enjoy or book of the Bible you just can’t get enough of? I would LOVE to hear what you’re up to!

5 thoughts on “Glutton for God’s Word…

  1. I am in the third week of the James: Mercy Triumphs Bible study by Beth Moore. It is an excellent way for me to get my eyes off of myself and onto the needs of others. Before that, I did the Made to Crave online Bible study. Doing these Bible studies helps me by staying in God’s Word everyday.


  2. My daughter, this wonderful blogger Heather, has been asking me to post on her blog. So here it is. This is posted on the King of Kings Lutheran Church San Antonio Group Site

    Once upon a time there was a woman who was very involved in her church. Many times at church on before 7AM and not leaving until after 3PM and not just on Sundays. Full time job, traveling, working late. This went on for many many years. Amazing what one does when kids are at home! One day the woman had severe pain in her back, finally went to the hospital and it was discovered she had a condition which could have killed her. After a week in the hospital, she did slow down a bit but not for long enough. Filling out a survey of what she did at the church and in the community, a very wise woman commented, You are doing too much, you need to let go of some things. Great advice, but viewed as defeatist to the woman, giving in, letting people down. No disrespect to the woman or her advice, it was very good and it is believed that the woman knew her advice was not ready to be taken. Very Wise Woman. Life goes on, kids move away, and the woman actually does step away from some things. The woman appears strong, still helping others more than herself, but of course she doesn’t see that – the not helping herself part. Strength is perceived by different people in very different ways. flash forward a few years and another health crisis from the universe hits. Just as before, never saw it coming, could never have perceived it happening but she doesn’t feel why me (as why this affliction) but why me as in why am I surviving, why is it not as bad for me as for woman X Y or Z. But this time she allows herself to be taken care of, and really unable to handle that she crashes, people wonder about her, worry about her, they don’t see her very often, she’s not around very much, heck she’s not even at church very much anymore. Is she okay? The answer, yes she is, she has her faith, she knows that there is a reason for this that God has not yet shown her. She knows that those who know her best know that she is struggling, she feels she has let people down but also knows that she really hasn’t – not an easy internal argument for someone who knows how to give to others unconditionally but cannot, still, accept that sometimes she needs be able to accept the same from others. Remember strength is perceived by different people in different ways. Enter the Very Wise Woman (actually she has always been there, kind eyes, kind, understanding, concerned look). But now there are many others that the woman sees whom she also sees as Very Wise Women and Men. So, when will the woman be back ‘to her old self’? Never, too much has happened to her for her to ever be that woman from once upon a time. But that is okay, because she knows that God has plans for her and she really needs to listen to him. And because she can’t? won’t ?shouldn’t? be that woman from once upon a time, she knows that whomever she becomes, whatever God has instore for her, she will embrace as best she can and will be supported as best as ‘they’ can. Are there bible passages that could/should go along with this post, probably, but they would be too numerous to list. The Bible really does have the answers, you just need to open your heart to accept them. See you Sunday, or not, don’t worry about the once upon a time woman. She hasn’t gone anywhere, God won’t let her. He’s beside her everyday, helping her through His Word. She will do what He wants when it is His time. She knows that now about her life. Do you? God’s Blessings to all


  3. Heather I thought I was alone in this being a Glutton for God’s Word. lol No its not a bad thing to be a glutton for in fact it is one of the best things in this world. At any given time I am reading 4 or more studies at a time. Just soaking in the knowledge of whats being said as well as what God is showing and reveling to me. I have a lot of journals and notebooks and often times they over lap with what I’m being shown. The next two I am going to be adding is Hidden joy and Confident heart. It will be great to share the journey with you on Wendy’s Blog.


    1. LOL, I’m right there with you Debi, I’m always in one too many studies at one time…but I just can’t get enough! Some people are gym rats…I’m a Jesus rat {doesn’t quite sound nice, but whatever!}.

      ❤ Heather


      1. I just went shopping to get a notebook for Renees study starting the 23rd. I have one for Wendy’s So counting the hours til Monday…. And A Jesus seeker is an awesome thing to get hooked on. can’t get enough of Jesus.


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