Just a Little Note…

Hey there y’all, if you’re looking for Proverbs chapter thirteen, it won’t be up until later today. I’ve been working on it this morning, but I just ran out of time to get it all done before work. In the meantime, few free to peruse the Archives to read the previous posts.

I got into this Proverbs challenge when Gwen Smith from Girlfriends in God, posted it on her Facebook page. The challenge is simple, read one chapter of Proverbs during the month of March. It’s not too late for you to get started! Don’t worry, you don’t have to blog about what you’ve read, it’s just something I felt like challenging myself to do.

If you click the picture, it will bring you my previous Book of Proverbs posts…Don’t get too excited, I’m not an expert on this book, I simply read the chapter then wrote my thoughts.

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