Proverbs:Chapter Nine

Invitations of Wisdom and Folly, Chapter 9

The first six verses share with us how wisdom has opened her home to anyone who would like to enter. She has prepared a banquet of sorts with meats and wine and calls out to the people. Anyone who desires to come is welcome, no one will be turned away. I love this little picture that has been painted. I can see all sorts of people sitting next to each other at wisdom’s feet, eager to learn; lawyers, counselors, teachers, stay at home parents, police officers, businesspeople, the one who has lost their job, new Christians, lifelong Christians, and everyone else in between. This is what our churches and Bible studies should look like! A place where ALL are welcome without fear of judgement, but instead have an opportunity to grow in Christ from wherever they are in their faith walk.

At first verses 7-9 can be a little confusing, I had to read them twice before to catch what it was saying. Seven and eight{a} tell us that those who are not wise will not listen to any form of rebuke, but instead they will act out against the person trying to reach out to them. On the other hand, a wise person will accept and even delight in a rebuke or instruction! They will take those things and learn from them, adding to their knowledge, correcting their behaviors so that they do not slip again. The author goes on to praise wisdom once again, that through wisdom our days will be many and prosperous.

The closing section focuses on folly and the call that she makes to the city. Instead of offering meat and wine that she has worked for, she offers what that has been stolen from others. The author warns us that going to her home will be like a grave. Honestly the word used here for grave is actually worse than death! The word Sheol, does mean grave or pit but it’s much more than that, Sheol is a place that ALL people would go regardless of whether or not they were “good” or “bad.” This was worse than hell, because it was believed that once you were in Sheol, it was believed that God simply forgot you even existed, once you died, you were wiped from His memory for all eternity. How sad that people believed God could forget them! In the New Testament, the Sadducees still believe this place existed…this is why they were Sad-You-See, they didn’t believe in the resurrection of the body…a rather bleak view of life after death and God’s love for His people. God formed us from the dust of the earth, knit us together in our mother’s womb, gave us His own life giving breath and called us each by name…He’s not about to forget His beloved children!

Lord, thank You for giving us wisdom, ALL of us! There is no one You look at and cry out, ‘No! even if you seek My wisdom, you may not have it!’ Instead, You lay out a banquet and invite all who wish to learn Your ways to sit at Your feet. Thank You for the opportunities You give us to grow through correction, rebuke, and instruction. Help us Lord to look favorably on such times, that we may grow in wisdom. Thank You Father, that You never forget Your children! Lead us to not forget You! Amen.

Was there something in this chapter that struck a cord with your heart? I would love to hear your thoughts below.

One thought on “Proverbs:Chapter Nine

  1. Thank you! 🙂 Even at my age – your words were uplifting.
    You are correct, and as His children we belong to
    THE Royal Family (the eternal one).
    As a child, I’ll remain
    UT 🙂


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