Proverbs: Chapter Seven

I think this is going to be a quickie post. Chapter 7 repeats the same sentiments as Chapter 5 and Chapter 6:20-35, just using different wording.

Warning Against Adulteresses; Verses 1-27

We start out once again with a few words of encouragement, to sit up and pay attention. I’ve started seeing this as a kind of preamble to let us know that what is about to be read is important and shouldn’t be glossed over.

The author then paints a picture in verses 6-23 of a man walking home who is lead into temptation. This young man lacked judgement, wisdom, and good sense; instead of avoiding the street of the adulteress, he walks right by her corner at twilight. She comes out dressed as a prostitute, probably showing more skin than what was appropriate according to the customs of modesty at the time. It seems to me that verse 11-12 show us that she is known for her adulterous ways. She never seems to be at home and in the beginning of verse 11, I gather that she does not hide her ways from the world; though she certainly keep them from her husband. His woman is very bold and she grabs this young man and kisses him. This makes me wonder…just how close was he walking to this woman who has a reputation for adultery? Was he walking by her street at that time of day hoping he’d get to see a bit of flesh? Did he think he was strong enough to look but not touch, therefore “keep” the Commandment “Do not commit adultery”? Too bad he wasn’t alive to hear what Jesus had to say on this matter, whomever even looks at a woman or man with lust has committed adultery in their heart; Matthew 5:27-28. She then tempts him to stay with her by telling him that she has fellowship or peace offerings already at home…this way they can both be cleansed and forgiven for what she hopes they will do together. She tempts him further, describing the decedent bedding and perfumes she has used to adorn her room. Her words are almost poetic, words that should be reserved for a husband; verse 18. Perhaps she still saw some hesitation in his eyes and quickly tells him that her husband is on a long journey and won’t be back anytime soon. I find it interesting that she makes a point of saying that her husband took a heavy purse of money, perhaps this is a subtle hint to this young man that either what she is offering is free because her husband is rich, OR it’s a way of telling him that because she is rich, she is offering him some money in return for sex; just a thought there. This man then agrees and goes with her falling into sin. I imagine, he was lost from the moment he chose to walk by her home. He didn’t turn down another street, he walked closely to her {perhaps drawn in by her perfume}, after she kisses him he doesn’t walk away, and to top it all off…he stopped to listen to what she had to say!

It reminds me of Adam and Eve in the garden with the serpent. They stopped to listen, they engaged in conversation….BIG mistake. All too often, we do the same thing! We see a temptation and instead of turning away, we step in closer to investigate, thinking we’re strong enough to resist! Oh what fools we are at times!

Lord, forgive us! Our hearts cry out as Paul’s did in the book of Romans when he cried out, “I have the desire to do what is good, but I can’t carry it out!” We stop to hear what Satan has to say, we examine what he has to offer, our strength fails us as our sinful nature takes over, and we fall into temptation once again. Glory be to You Father, each time we sin, each time we fall, You pick us up, dust off our sins and make us new once more. You give us Your strength and Your very own Spirit to live within us to give us the strength and good sense to walk away from sin. Thank You for the gift of Your Son Jesus Christ who sacrificed His life so that we might live. Amen.

Now it’s your turn again! Read Proverbs Chapter Seven and share how it speaks to your heart by leaving a comment below. I’d love to hear from you :) !

3 thoughts on “Proverbs: Chapter Seven

    1. Anytime Sam :)! I’ve really been enjoying this Proverbs challenge, hoping I stay strong through the rest of the month, though I’m sure I’ll have to have another combo day here and there {life just happens that way sometimes}. Much loves girl!
      ❤ Heather


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