Proverbs: Chapter Six

Warning Against Folly, Verses 1-19

Now when I read verses 1-5, they immediately made me think of Christ’s words in Matthew 5:33-37 about oaths. He makes it very simple for us. “Let your ‘yes’ be ‘yes’, and your ‘no’ be ‘no’,” verse 37a. These few verses are warning us not to agree to anything unless we can deliver. That we should not be too rash when we give our ‘yes’ or ‘no,’ to think about whether or not we have the time or ability to follow through. But as I re-read the verses, I thought perhaps I was a little off, so I checked out what Matthew Henry had to say about these verses in his Commentary on the Old Testament and I’m sooo glad I did, because I was waaaaaaay off! These verses are about entering into a surety with a stranger. In other words, don’t cosign a loan with a stranger! If you’re doing it for a friend or relative whom you trust, ok then, but don’t enter into a legal, financial agreement with a stranger who could leave you with the full burden of the debt! God is very generous to give His people not only spiritual advice, but here it’s a bit of everyday advice as well. Looking at the verses this way now makes me think of Christ’s words in Matthew 10:16 instead which says, “I am sending you out like sheep among wolves. Therefore be as shrewd as snakes and as innocent as doves.” In other words…be on your guard, not everyone who claims to be your friend…is really your friend.

Verses 6-11 immediately convict me of my procrastinating ways, but I know that He isn’t as worried about how quickly I send out birthday cards…of Christmas presents as He is about me giving my all at work or being sure that I prepare my home in case of a hurricane. I think many of us know the old cartoon of the Grasshopper and the Ants; ok, maybe it’s just me then. It takes place in the summer, the grasshopper is running around, singing dancing, eating and drinking with no worries or cares. He sees the ants working tirelessly collecting food and scoffs at them…even using “Scripture” to try and get them to abandon their work in favor of doing whatever they want. Well, winter comes around and we find the grasshopper starving and cold because he did not get ready for the cold months. The ants of course are feasting and relaxing because their work is done. They are generous and put the grasshopper to work so he can partake of the food and shelter as well. All of this is to simply remind us to…always be prepared, to get your work done and you will have plenty of time after to rest and play.

As soon as I read the last few verses in this section, I pictured some seedy drug dealer or a gang standing around on a street corner whispering to people as they pass by, trying to lure them in, to buy their wares or join in their misdeeds. Yeah…don’t go with them, like the adulterer, take a path that does not lead you past their corner. We finish up with a final warning about six things God apparently really dislikes! A snob, liar, murderer, con artist, rash actor, rumor monger, and a troublemaker. Well, I’m right there with Him, I can’t imagine making friends with someone like this…though I do believe that everyone deserves a second chance at life, a chance to be set free from their ways and captivated by Christ’s.

Warning Against Adultery, Verses 20-35

Remember in my last post when I said we’d be reading more about warnings against adultery? Well, here you go!

I love the first four verses of this portion. How it reminds us that when we keep God’s instruction close and remember the teachings of our parents, they will help us in times of need. I can’t help but think of Jesus when He was in the desert being tempted by the devil. Satan used the Word of God to try and draw Christ away, to get Him to sin, BUT because Christ held God’s Word close by studying and memorizing it, He was able to immediately rebuke Satan’s temptations with the Word of God itself; to go deeper with this, you can read The Temptation of Jesus. We too need to keep God’s Word close to our hearts in order to have it ready for when Satan dangles that forbidden fruit before our eyes, whether it be money, power, fame, or another person. The next verses offer a stern reminder that NO ONE who commits adultery escapes the consequences. Think of David and Bathsheba. If you do not know the story read it HERE {talk about an ancient soap opera!}. As punishment for his adultery and murder, David was sentenced to lose four of his lambs; four of his children would parish, starting with the one created with Bathsheba. These consequences would not come quickly, happening over the span of years. Just because an adulterer “gets away” with their sin in the short term…they cannot escape it forever. This does not mean they are outside forgiveness, only that there will be consequences to their actions.

We close this chapter with one last warning about committing adultery. I love the wording and example used here. It compares the sin of a thief who has robbed so they do not starve with the sin of an adulterer. Yes, the thief is wrong to steal, not matter the reason, but here they are stealing in order to eat, whereas an adulterer is “stealing” in order to satisfy their own selfish desires of the flesh. {In this whole passage the woman is described as married, whereas in the last Warning Against Adultery the woman is focused on as a prostitute.} The husband of the married woman will not take any kind of bribe to make things right or to reduce the rage he feels towards the man who slept with his wife {probably won’t reduce the rage against his wife either}. This man will seek his revenge swiftly and the law back then, unless I am mistaken, was that any adulterer, man or woman, would be taken out of the city and stoned to death. Nowadays, we don’t take people out and stone them, but we do here stores of murder and divorce due to the unfaithfulness of a spouse. The temporary pleasure is not worth the pain it will bring.

Lord, as we continue through the book of Proverbs, continue to open our eyes and hearts to Your instruction. Tuck it away in our hearts so that we will have it at the ready for when we face the temptation of the Evil One who seeks to destroy our lives and our faith in You. Thank You for being our strength when we are weak. Help us to rely on You fully, but not to sit on the sidelines and do nothing to foster growth through Your Word. Amen.

Now it’s your turn again! Read Proverbs Chapter Six and share how it speaks to your heart by leaving a comment below. I’d love to hear from you :) !

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