Proverbs: Chapter Four and Five

Wisdom is Supreme, Chapter 4

As I read these verses, I pictured my dad and I hanging out in the garage when I was growing up. He would be working on something way to complicated for me, while I hammered nails into a block of wood {fun times!}. Here and there, he would call me over to explain something simple that he was working on. I would listen intently, excited about whatever it was he was teaching me. As I got older, he taught me more complicated things like how to rotate my tires, change my oil, and other even more complicated tasks such as how to replace my starter, alternator, and swap out my serpentine belt {Yes, I still know how to do all that}. There were other times though, that my dad wanted to share some knowledge with me, but frankly, I thought I had better things to do, same with my mom. Instead of listening to what they had to teach me, I would either feign interest or completely blow them off :/; not my proudest moments as a daughter. I imagine I am not alone in this though. We’ve all do it at one time or another, whether it’s with our parents, teachers, coworkers, friends, or even our boss. We look like we’re listening, but it’s actually going in one ear and out the other. Proverbs 4 encourages us to sit up and pay attention, especially when it comes to the teaching of our parents.

Warning Against Adultery, Chapter 5

Ok, I love the show Home Improvement and I used to watch it every time it came on, new episodes, reruns or whatever. Tim’s neighbor Mr. Wilson always had some really great advice or some wise saying to share and I have to admit, he was my favorite part of the show {ok, I also had a huge crush on JTT, but so did every other girl my age}. There is one Mr. Wilson saying that has really stuck with me over the years and is one of the few things I remember from the show.

“A smart man learns from his mistakes, but a truly wise man learns from the mistakes of others.” ~Unknown

As I read through Chapter 5, I could almost hear the author pleading with the reader, “Don’t fall into the trap so many others have followed! Stay away from the adulterous woman and do not become an adulterer yourself.” From the almost desperate tone in his writing, I can imagine the author speaking from experience on this matter; whether they have fallen into this sin themselves or seen the destruction it can bring to a family first hand. He does not simply say, “Ignore the temptress,” instead he tells us to take the path that is far from her home, don’t even pass her, go around that place and don’t let it even come into your view {v.8}.

The devil is crafty when it comes to tempting us, drawing us from God. No one wakes up in the morning and all of a sudden says to themselves, “Hmm, I think I’ll cheat on my spouse today.” Instead, that temptation creeps in little by little. An unguarded smile. A touch that lasts a moment too long. A look that longs for something more. A conversation replayed in your mind over and over. A feeling of joy just knowing you will see, hear, or spend time with that person. On their own, these may seem innocent, but these are little steps toward destruction. Little steps toward a sin that will tear your heart from it’s place and replace it with shame, guilt, pain, and anger. If not repented of, it will all be replaced with a heart of stone, callous, unfeeling, and hardened against the correction of the Lord. Oh, how I read these words in Proverbs 5 and want to cry out to those around me with sin crouching out their door, “Turn back! This path can only lead to pain and a destruction that you will carry for the rest of your life.” Love your spouse, remember the promise you made before God and the company of your family and friends. Remember. Remember the love that spurred you to commit your life to this person. This will not be the only time we see this warning in the book of Proverbs. We will read again a warning to stay away from an adulterer in Chapter 7.

In the mean time, I have a little challenge for you {don’t worry, it’ll be easy}. If you have a spouse or significant other in your life, do one or all of the following:

  • Give them a hug and a kiss before they/you leave for work everyday; wake them up if you have to!
  • Send them a random text or call them at least once during the day just to tell them, “I love you.”
  • Send them a Bible verse {Song of Solomon is a fun place to start, or you could always send Proverbs 5:18-19. Just sayn’.}
  • Plan a date night at least once a week or a night your plans are all about them.
  • Go through your wedding pictures/video together.
  • Get a $.99 blank card and write them a little note to hide in their lunchbox, under their pillow, or some other place they will find it during their day.
  • Make a top 10 list: Why you love them or favorite moments together.
  • Plan a dream vacation together, even if you don’t actually go.
  • Go for a picnic lunch together.
  • Pray, read a devotion, or do a little Bible study together.
  • Spend at least an hour with them everyday with no distractions. That means, turn off the phones, computer, TV, or anything else that would be a distraction.
  • Have a pet? Have the two of you play with them together. {My hubby and I have a beautiful 200gal saltwater tank and every once in a while we will put the couch in front of it and sit there together watching all the life in the tank and just talking. We tried playing fetch with them, but they freaked out when we threw a ball in the tank.}
  • Hold hands in public.
  • Driving around town? At every red light or stop sign, take a moment to share a kiss. {This is my favorite part of running errands with my Daniel.}
  • If you’re married make-out, take a shower together, and/or have sex. {Yeah, I know, some of you are going ::gasp::! “Heather, you shouldn’t write that! It’s to riskay!” Y’all, seriously, if you’re married, be sure to spend some “quality time” together. It is a beautiful gift from God for a husband and wife. Unless you and your spouse have mutually agreed to abstain for some reason, don’t deny your spouse. You know what…I think I’ll have to blog about this one soon…maybe a whole series. In the mean time, I encourage you to visit Christian Nymphos; please don’t let the name scare you away, they created the name before they got really popular and never changed it. A wonderful woman at my church recommended this site shortly after I got married, she also a book called Sheet Music, which I also recommend; God bless her forwardness! Keep the fire burning at home y’all, don’t give yourself or your spouse a reason to find that fire in the arms of another.}


Thank you for taking the time to lead me. Though there have been many times that I have listened to Your instruction with a hard heart, You have never given up on teaching me. Help me to submit to Your will and Your ways. Make Your instruction like gold in my eyes that I would desire it above all else in this world.

Father, I love my husband and I am truly blessed that you brought us together. Help me Lord to put him first in my life, second only to You. Thank You for the time we get to spend together, whether it’s sitting in worship, running errands, or whatever. Place Your hedge of protection around our marriage, keep it pure and holy.


Now it’s your turn again! Read Proverbs Chapter Four and Five and share how it speaks to your heart by leaving a comment below.  I’d love to hear from you :) !

4 thoughts on “Proverbs: Chapter Four and Five

  1. I love this post too and I would like to add Heather that I feel like a proud mom just reading…….. “Keep the fire burning at home y’all, don’t give yourself or your spouse a reason to find that fire in the arms of another”……I am so thankful that you have learned early in your marriage that the fire of love and desire has to be re-kindled everyday, when you cease to “stoke that fire”, the embers burn out.


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