Proverbs: Chapter Three

Sorry I’m late with chapter three y’alI, but had a wedding Saturday afternoon and just didn’t have enough time to write before I had to leave. So here’s chapter three {I’m now working on chapter 4 and it should be up later today}.

Further Benefits of Wisdom, Verses 1-35

Let’s break this one down verse by verse as we check out a few more benefits of wisdom.

  • Verses 1-4: Here we are reminded to keep God’s teachings close to our heart, to remember what we have learned. Well, just how do we do that? First of all, we have to take the time to learn His Word. Spend time with Him each day, reading Scripture, or participating in a Bible study. Many people get scared off with the idea of setting side time each day have Quiet Time, because they assume that means sitting down for hours at a time; however, all you need to do is start out small. Taking on a challenge like this where you read one chapter a day of a specific book, if you are part of a Bible study answer a few questions each day, or choose a Bible story to study on your own, like the life of David, the Israelites’ journey from slavery to the Promise Land, or Jonah. Learning the Word of God isn’t hard, but it’s important to remember what you’ve learned and put it into practice {vs.1&3}.  For example, when I was in high school I took three years of German and I did pretty well in the class…however, I have had no reason since then to put that language into practice on a regular basis. Now that it’s been a good ten years since I took those classes I can probably say one maybe two sentences in German. Remembering the lessons that God has taught me is far more important than my German, but it takes work. It takes an effort on my part. I can’t just read His Word once and expect to remember it forever. It’s important to revisit His Word regularly, even if you have read the same passages a million times, God can always reveal something new after all, His Word is alive and very active {Hebrews 4:12}! One other important thing we need to do is memorize his Word. Every time I bring up “memorizing” I always have at least a dozen tell me that they just can’t do it, but let me ask you a couple of questions. What’s your favorite song? I bet you know the chorus by heart. How about the birthdays of the people closest to you, do you know them? Or maybe you know almost every line from your favorite movie or those pesky commercials we can’t seem to get out of our head even if we want to. Then what really is stopping anyone from memorizing His Word? Here are a dozen tips to help you get started; Memorizing God’s Word. I could keep going with these four  verses alone, but we still have 31 verses to go!
  • Verses 5-8: {Who doesn’t LOVE verse 5?} These few verses encourage us to abandon our own “knowledge” and our own ways in favor of God’s. In essence, He wants us to filter all of our decisions and actions through His Word. Ok, that doesn’t mean He wants us to literally pull out our Bible every time we sit down to do something, but it’s very close to that. I’ve got another example for you. My hubby loves vanilla ice cream with rainbow sprinkles {I’m more of a chocoholic myself}. When we first started dating, I didn’t know what he preferred, so I had to ask. Now though, it’s knowledge I possess and I don’t need to ask him what he wants every time we go out for ice cream. When we obey verses 1-4 and commit His Word into our hearts, we won’t have to ask Him what He wants us to do in every situation, because His Will and desires for us will be known to us. If we see someone in need, we won’t have to ask ourselves whether or not we should help {James 2:16}. His Commands make everything very clear, we know not to lie, cheat, steal, murder, worship other gods, and so on {Exodus 20:1-21}. Ok, now if you’re not sure whether or not He wants you to change jobs or prompting you to do something then break out your Bible, get your prayer on, and seek His confirmation for whatever it is you are seeking.
  • Verses 9-12: Ok, I think I can get through these few verses in 200 words or less. The first two are simple, God is calling us to give Him our all, dedicating everything to Him. He’s not looking for our leftovers either, He wants the cream of the crop, the best we have to offer. Verses 11-12 are a couple that some people struggle with because they view “discipline” as a straight up punishment…but it’s so much more than that and so much better! Now if I go into the whole schpeel here it would be waaaay too long, so if you’d like to read more about the blessings of God’s discipline then check this out: I ❤ God’s Discipline
  • Verses 13-18: Once again we read about how precious wisdom is, that she is better than anything else in this world that would could seek.
  • Verses 19-20: At first these two verses seem to come out of the blue and don’t really fit into the rest of this passage, but after taking a closer look they make perfect sense to me now. Verses 13-19 talked about how important wisdom is, well these two here show us wisdom’s power. God used wisdom to create everything and made everything to work together.
  • Verses 21-26: Wisdom brings comfort and confidence. This makes perfect sense to me.  This morning in worship during my little children’s message, the little girl brought in a stuffed bear that she said protected her. You see, she is only 2yrs old and she’s afraid of the dark. As she gets older that childlike fear will leave because she will begin to understand that there’s nothing to be afraid of. In life, we fear a variety of things; failure, losing a loved one, losing your home, or any number of things. When we draw closer to God and understand that He is with us, guiding us. With His wisdom, we will make better decisions, decisions that lead away from folly and destruction
  • Verses 27-35: I love these last few verses {I know I say that over and over, but it’s the truth :)}. Verses 27-28 are a great wake-up call for this procrastinator. I can’t tell you how many times I have waited to get something done {Did I mention that I STILL have NOT sent my family’s Christmas presents? That up until last week they were still in a pile in the bedroom? They are now packed in a box…though I still have yet to tape it up, address it and mail it out to Texas.} These verses tell us, DON’T wait, if you can do something now…then get it done; especially when it has to do with helping someone in need. Verses 29-30 reiterate the importance of doing good to others, by not plotting against them; that means don’t spread rumors or make shady comments about them in public or even on FB or Twitter.  The last few verses of this chapter remind us not to look on the lives of the wicked with a desire to join them. Even if they seem to be benefiting from their actions at the moment, it will not last for long and in the end, they will have God to answer to.

Father, thank You for another reminder that seeking You must come before everything else my life. Help me lord to put You first and seek Your wisdom. Amen

Now it’s your turn again! Read Proverbs Chapter Three and share how it speaks to your heart by leaving a comment below.  I’d love to hear from you :)!

4 thoughts on “Proverbs: Chapter Three

    1. I’m glad you like the post! I got the challenge off of one of Gwen Smith’s FB posts. {I’ll have to make a little post about the wedding at some point, maybe I can get to it tomorrow and post a few pics too :D.}
      ❤ Heather


  1. Simply loving doing this “study” with you Heather. I open one tab to BibleGateway, then read the chapter and then I read your breakdown of the verses. Each day so far, I have bounced back and forth between your insights and reading of the verses. Looooooove it, and getting a whole new understanding on the book of Proverbs. Thank you so much.


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