Proverbs: Chapter Two

Moral Benefit of Wisdom, Verses 1-22

In the first six verses God tells us that when we seek wisdom, seek it with everything we’ve got as if we were searching for some great treasure, then we will NOT be disappointed. He will give us the wisdom we desire so much.  That wisdom will come directly from Him.  What generosity! The Lord of all creation wants to give us His very own wisdom! He doesn’t keep it hidden from us either. The wisdom we desire so much can be found through the study of His Word and through the ministry of His own Son Jesus Christ who is the Word made flesh {John 1:1}.

God goes on to tell us that He will watch over those who long for wisdom and seek it out. Have you ever noticed that the more you eat sweets the more you desire them? Your body starts to crave them all the time. Well in verses 9-10 he tells us that the more we take in wisdom, the more we will crave wisdom!  I think this is soooooo true! I am addicted to doing Bible studies and diving into God’s Word. Whether I’m digging into His Word through the studies provided by Wendy Blight, Melissa Taylor, leading one in my home, reading a P31 devo, or doing a challenge like this where I read a chapter a day from a specific book. I LOVE learning more about God’s Word and God’s heart! The more I learn…the more I want to learn!

Verses 12-22 share with us the benefits of wisdom.  The first one being that we will avoid the ways of the wicked…frankly because we’ll know better! We’ll be able to see their ways for what they are, destructive. The second one is described as being saved from the adulteress or prostitute.  Well, though we could take this literally and find use for these words, I believe He’s also being metaphorical. The prostitute represents someone who wishes to draw them away from God Himself. Calling out sweetly with words and promises, leading us away from the heart of God, down hidden paths to the “home” of another God.  That could be a literal god or an idol such as money, beauty, alcohol, success, the prefect spouse, or anything else that could become “more important” than God. We read in verse 19 that none who follow her down that path ever return, meaning that those who knew God and then reject Him and His ways…rarely…if ever return to Him once more {Yikes!}.

This chapter closes with a happy reminder of what we do receive when we follow the ways of God and long after his wisdom. We will get to remain in the land while the evil are cut out and removed from the land. In essence, God is telling us that we will get to remain with Him, which is the greatest good that we could ever hope to receive! This reminds me of the promise God gave to the Israelites when they received the Promised Land. That IF they obeyed His commands and decrees then they would be permitted to stay in the land…if not then they’d be driven out {Deuteronomy 11}.

Lord, help me to desire Your wisdom and truth above all the noise of the world around me. Pierce my heart with Your Spirit when i am tempted to go astray from even one letter of Your Law. If I see a fellow Christian being drawn away, give me the words that would pull them back from the path of destruction. give me ears to hear and a heart to understand. Amen.

Now it’s your turn! Read Proverbs Chapter Two and share how it speaks to your heart by leaving a comment below.  I’d love to hear from you :)!

2 thoughts on “Proverbs: Chapter Two

  1. Heather, I can so relate to what you said about cravings. The more I read and study God’s Word, the more I talk with Him, the more Bible Studies that I do, creates a deeper craving in my spirit for even more. Thank you for sharing this challenge and your insight into the Book of Proverbs.


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