Proverbs: Chapter One

On Facebook today Gwen Smith from Girlfriends in God issued a simple challenge for the month of March.  Read one chapter of Proverbs each day.  Well I just finished doing two Bible studies this morning and I feel up to this challenge…but I want to take it one step further.  My hope is to write a little something for each chapter that I read.  A simple reflection {rambling} of what God reveals through this book of wisdom.  I’m not sure if I will be able to post something for each day, I may end up combing chapters depending on just how much time I have to write.  I also have no idea if anything “profound” will be written over the next month as I study this book, but for now I’ll simply start with chapter one and see where God takes us…

Prologue: Purpose and Theme, Verses 1-7

In these few verses, Solomon identified as the primary author of this book, though scholars don’t believe he was the only contributor.  I just love how this prologue reminds us that wisdom is beneficial for ALL.  Even the “wisest” can stand to be reminded of the important truths in God’s Word and no one can ever get to a point where they do not need learn anything new. The way I figure it, once a person has learned everything God wants them to here on earth and has completed every task that He has placed before them…well…God will take ’em home to glory and say, “Well done good and faithful servant and welcome home!”  Until that day, proverbs encourages us to continue to grow in the knowledge of the Lord, for after all…all wisdom comes from God.  it all starts with Him.

“The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge, but fools despise wisdom and discipline.” v.7

{Oh Lord, help me not be a fool!}

Warning Against Enticement, Verses 8-19

As I read this section, all I could think of was don’t give into peer pressure. The author warns the reader not to give into the temptation of fools.  He tells us that even though they may find satisfaction or benefits from their evil deeds for a short while…in the end, they will bring down worst disasters on themselves.  I love verse 17, “How useless to spread a net in full view of all the birds.”  The author is pretty much saying that these men who follow their own sinful desires are…well…idiots! After all, if someone is trying to catch birds in a net, they don’t put it where the birds will see it easily, they instead, hide it among the trees or in the direction of the sun so that as the birds fly, they don’t see the trap until it’s too late! We have better sense than that, therefore, we need to have better sense when it comes to following God’s Word and not following the world.

Warning Against Rejecting Wisdom, Verses 20-33

This portion is pretty harsh, but then again…that’s why it’s called a warning! Wisdom is described as a woman calling out into the streets, pleading her case, making her speech, and just hoping someone will take heed. She asks us why we will keep going down our path of destruction and how long it will take before we pay attention to her rebukes. Well, I guess her audience is a stubborn one, because she then moves on to say that because they did not listen, because we chose our folly over wisdom she is going to turn and laugh in our faces when we endure the consequences of our actions. Ouch! Anyone know the Old Testament Hebrew for, ” I told you so?”  She then goes on to say that when we finally figure out that she was right all along, that the path we have chosen was waaaaaaay off, and we try to call out to her for advice, she’s just going to ignore us, we’ve had our chance.  Wow…talk about a harsh warning!

But luckily, we are never at a point in our lives when we can’t turn back.  God ALWAYS gives us opportunities to repent and return to Him.  Praise our Father in heaven that He offers such abundant grace!

Lord, Thank You for giving us the gift of your Word to guide us in the right direction.  As we read through Your book of Proverbs, open our hearts to understand Your message and give us faith to step our of our comfort zone and trust in the path that You lay before us.  Amen.

How about you? Read Proverbs Chapter One and share with us your thoughts by leaving a comment below, I’d LOVE to hear from you!

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