30 Hour Famine

UPDATE! March 2, 2012

Guess what y’all!! Our 30 Hour Famine event was AWESOME!! Between the three churches that got together and the 45 youth participating {not counting our fearless leaders}. We raised $3,500!! This is enough to feed 10 children for a whole year! Since this is our very first time doing the 30HF, we now have a better goal for next year…$7,000 and 20 children for a year!

Thank you so much for your donations and for sharing our page with all your friends on Facebook, Twitter, and email!! There’s still time to donate if you would like to do so…{see below}.

Original Post from February 24th

Dear friends, today my Children and Youth Ministry of OSL are participating in the 30 Hour Famine where they will give up food for 30 Hours in order to raise money for those who have nothing to eat on a regular basis.  I simply ask you for 3 simple things.

1. Pray. Please pray that God would use this experience to move in their hearts in a powerful way.

2. Donate.  IF so moved, I invite you to visit our Team Page at World Vision.  $30 will feed one child for a month, but every dollar helps.  The youth have been raising money for a month now, and tonight I will be able to update our meter.

3. Share. Share this on your Facebook, Twitter, email, and anywhere else you feel comfortable; there are share buttons at the bottom of this post or you can copy and paste.

Below is a short video showing you why these youth, these teenagers, are willing to give up food for the sake of others…

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