The Least of These

If you are visiting my blog from my guest post on Melissa Taylor’s blog, welcome!!  Below are a couple of other posts you may be interested in reading, based on what you have already read this week: Memorizing God’s Word or A.C.T.S.S.

I have wanted to update my blog for over two weeks, but I just haven’t had the time and I’ve had so many ideas and devotions swirling around in my head that they seem to have blurred together into one giant “Go Jesus!” blob!  As I sat at my computer this morning, staring at the computer screen I started thinking about my job.  One of the joys of my job is that I get to work with children and youth and I’ve decided to take this post as an opportunity to brag on these incredible kids.

I have a chance help children and youth grow in their walk with Jesus.  Not just that they grow in their faith through the knowledge of the Word in Sunday School or Youth Bible Study, but through service to each other and the community.  They visit LifeNet4Families on a weekly basis to load boxes with food for families in need.  Each week a different small group of about 8 youth pack boxes and we have 6 groups in rotation.  When they pack those boxes they go at lightning speed because they have a friendly competition going to see which group can pack the most boxes.  How fun is that!  They compete to see who can feed the most families!  The reward for the winning group?…nothing, all they get is the prestige of being the fastest, most efficient group and they LOVE that!!  No bribing, no pulling teeth, they just can’t wait to get out there and pack those boxes and feed families!  The whole group has a goal to pack 1,000 boxes this year, so they strive as a team to not only reach this goal but leave it in the dust…

Our youth also collect simple items like clean socks, toothpaste, a new toothbrush, chap-stick, and other little things that we take for granted and hand them out to the homeless on a Sunday morning once a month.  Before we leave, they arrive at church early with supplies in hand to make sandwiches and they put labels on the sandwich bags that have Bible verses along with words of encouragement that they wrote themselves.  When they visit LifeNet4Families, they don’t seem to be afraid to simply listen to what the people, these strangers, have to say…which is sometimes more than what we do with the friends and family we have around us every day!  Sometimes, I have so many kids wanting to go, that I have to rope in another volunteer driver at the last minute; I love having that kind of problem!

Right now these incredible youth are striving to raise money for starving children halfway around the world by giving up food for 30 hours straight.  For any of you who have teenagers you know just how challenging that can be for them!  But these youth have not only heard Christ’s words in Matthew 25:34-40, they have taken them to heart.  These youth aren’t just about getting together and having a good time {believe me we do LOTS of that too}, but they really want to make a difference.  If you have a few moments, I invite you to visit their 30 Hour Famine team page.  We registered our team yesterday and are still in the process of updating our information.  If you feel lead we would love your help in raising money to feed hungry children.  Feel free to stop by their Facebook Page too!

2 thoughts on “The Least of These

  1. What an amazing group of kids! It’s nice to see the really true and positive stories come out instead of the “my teenager/youth is so bad….”. Thank you for being a light in their lives! Praying for your 30 hour famine. Our youth do that here too. They set up a cardboard box “city” and it was very moving to hear their impressions of the 30 hours of fellowship and growth, with their famine!


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