So that we may live…

I have a desire to write, but there are so many posts out there with poems, music, prayers, and other beautiful insights on this Christmas season.  I suppose I could add in my own two cents…though I doubt I could express myself as eloquently as others.  Some posts encourage us to slow down, to not get caught up in the hustle bustle of last minute shopping, mailing out gifts, and those last minute Christmas cards.  Others call on us to remember those in need or hurting.  Still others try to remind us of this simple truth…Jesus is the reason for the Christmas season.

Today, I did my own Christmas shopping for my husband, the presents now sit neatly wrapped under our brightly lit tree or carefully stuffed into his stocking, and soon I will make some Christmas fudge.  As I drove around to the right stores, I saw something that, at first, made me rather sad.  Driving along the road, I heard the familiar sound of police sirens and saw the flashing blue lights in my rear view.  I of course, proceeded to pull to one side, to make sure the officer could get by easily.  However, I soon realized that this officer was not going very fast at all like I expected.  Instead, he, along with another officer, was clearing the intersections to allow a funeral procession to move unbroken through the streets.  I looked on with a pang of sadness as I watched the steady stream of cars go by, imaging the tears that must have been flowing from this person’s friends and family trying to make their way through the holiday traffic.  Being surrounded by happy shoppers going about their Christmas business, probably brought them no comfort and may have even increased their sorrow, knowing their loved one would not be there to celebrate with them Christmas morning.  It wasn’t that long ago that I sat in my own procession as we laid my step-mother to rest and I can understand their longing, knowing that I will not be able to hear her voice wishing me a Merry Christmas this year, though my memory can hear her quite clearly.  I do have hope however…

I know why we celebrate Christmas and I know it has nothing to do with the tree or the presents, or even the fudge.  I know it has everything to do with celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ; God incarnate, the Word made flesh.  Why He would want to give up His throne in heaven to become a human, is beyond my comprehension.  He came with only one purpose for existing.  This precious baby that we rejoice over grows up to be Jesus of Nazareth, Son of God and Son of Man, King of kings and Lord of lords.  Hanging on a cross, He came to rescue us from our sinful condition.  The crazy thing is, He didn’t have to die.  God could’ve chosen to let us suffer the consequence of our rebellion, allowing us to endure eternity separated from Him.  But God loves us and there is no other reason than His love that He chose to save us.  As the funeral procession continued passing on, I thought of the celebration going on in heaven at their arrival.  I pictured this person in the presence of their Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, bowing before Him.  I imagined the glory radiating from Christ as He reached out to this child of His and welcomed them home.   This Christmas, I will picture my step-mother dressed in the best heaven can offer.  She will be celebrating her first Christmas with the official birthday boy, no plastic imitation.  As I make the last of my preparations this week for Christmas, I will not easily forget that love God has poured out to us through His Son who came to die, so that we could live.

One thought on “So that we may live…

  1. Oh Heather… I have the same pain in my heart as I am witnessing friends and acquaintances face their first Christmas without a Mom, daughter, friend. Thank you for this beautiful, eloquent post…


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