This Year’s Christmas Tree

This year's tree

Our Christmas tree philosophy is simple…Just how many of our ornaments can we cram into a 4 foot Christmas tree??

An ornament from our church
My hubby's bass boat and memento from the GA aquarium
Made for me when I was born by my Aunt Linda.
A Marshmallow Couple 🙂
To celebrate our wedding
A little ornament hiding among the branches
An ornament from one of my students from before I got married
Go Fins!
A little cluster
Where the Wild Things Are
A gift from Pastor and his wife
A couple snowmen
Another snowman
Red Fish, Blue Fish...
Hand stiched by my Aunt Linda and beautiful!
The Phantom fo the Opera
One of my Nutcracker ornaments
A couple Nutcrackers
From my dear friend Serena
A glass ornament that you stick a light in
Can't decorate without my yummy cookies!

4 thoughts on “This Year’s Christmas Tree

  1. Your cute tree (not like ours is any bigger… we just don’t have as many ornaments!) reminds me of Charlie Brown’s tree… about to tip over because of the love that’s showered on it!!!! Adorable 🙂


  2. Looks great! I love all the special, meaningful ornaments. 🙂 I love the fish ornaments. So cute!

    We have decked the halls, and we’ve hung our stockings by the chimney with care, but we don’t have the tree up yet! 🙂

    Getting our merry on….


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