A Prayer

I’m doing a study on Hebrews with the fabulous Wendy Blight and after answering one of the questions I just had to pray and thank Christ for what He has so willingly done for me.

Dear Father…Daddy,
Thank You. I cannot even believe that You would even look my way in light of my sin. Yet You have not only turned Your eye to me, You have called me precious and cherished in Your sight. Above all, and this is the part that blows my mind Father, You still thought I was worth dying for. You could’ve thrown me into the depth, forgotten me completely, wiping my memory from Your heart forever. I deserve to be left here, steeped in my own sin and disobedience…lost in my rebellion, separated from You for all eternity. But for some reason I can’t even fathom, You offered Your Son in my place.

He took on my punishment. He stood there in silence for me. He stood there bearing my sins…for me. He could’ve made them stop. One word and a multitude of angels would have come and wiped out all those who sought to beat You, to hang You naked on the cross. As if You would’ve needed their help anyway, You are the Lord of all and could’ve come come on Your own accord, but no. Your love for me was greater than the pain You endured, it was greater than the weight of my own sin crushing Your heart. What truly gets me is the fact that even if I were the only one in the world redeemed by Your sacrifice…You still would’ve died for me.

I may never fully comprehend this love You have for me, but I am grateful. That is why I give my praises to the Holy One of Israel, the Name above all names, Jesus the Christ, my Lord, and my Redeemer. He is the only one whose glory my lips will proclaim! Lord, may I reflect the love You have freely poured out in my life. Fill my heart with compassion for Your people and a willingness to lay down my life for them. When there is forgiveness to offer, let me give it as freely as You have done for me. Let my words and deeds bring You glory and honor.

I love You Jesus, thank You for loving me beyond all measure. Amen.


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