Tear Stained and Clean

I’ve always liked the story of the woman who washed the feet of Jesus with her tears and dried them with her hair, but it wasn’t until today that I felt the full impact of her story; Luke 7:36-50. She came in, uninvited carrying the weight of her sin and an alabaster jar. Without a word knelt at His feet pouring out her pain. For how could she even begin to speak through her tears, through her brokenness? She had hope, maybe she too only had a sliver like me, but she had hope that this man, this Jesus would still love her, still forgive her despite her life of sin.

Seeing the dirt turn into mud on His feet from her endless tears, she begins to clean them with perhaps the only thing she could think of, the only thing she had, her long, dark hair. She didn’t care that her hair was being caked with dirt and grime from the street. After all, she couldn’t feel anymore dirty, unloveable, or worthless than if she were swimming through the mire. All she cared about was the hope that she had in Him. Hope that she could be washed clean as she washed His feet. She then pours expensive perfume over Him, anointing Him as the Lord of her life.

He could have very easily cast her away, have her thrown out and even command that this woman be stoned to death because of her life of sin. The Pharisees around Him certainly thought that’s what He should do. Instead Jesus, takes this moment to talk to Simon {Peter}.

Jesus tells Him a short story of two men in debt. One owing a huge amount, the only owing only a little. Neither can pay their debt, so both slates are wiped clean. Who then walks away with the greatest peace?…The one who’s debt was larger. Perhaps He looked at her the whole time He spoke to Simon. This woman didn’t expect to be forgiven, she would have understood if Jesus kicked her in the face and sent her from His sight. But, clinging to her hope she knelt before Him. No need to confess her sin to Him, He already knew full well what sin kept her in such a place of shame…besides, I think even if she tried to confess, her words would never have made it past her tears of anguish over who she had become. I don’t think she ever thought she would be this woman she had turned into.

Jesus could have gone into another long teaching about the wages of sin, the eternal and the temporal consequences. He could have used her as an example of what not to do, of how not to live. That’s not what He did. Oh, He absolutely used her as an example…but an example of the

Grace, Mercy, Compassion, and Forgiveness

freely and willingly offered to those who repent. He ends this brief time with her with a simple phrase….”Your faith has saved you, go in PEACE” v50.

Sisters I have received that kind of grace today. Grace I honestly didn’t think I could get, that I was afraid would be denied to me because it’s not a grace I deserve. Then again that’s the true nature of God’s love…


So now, I will go in peace. I will trust God with the pieces, that whatever He decides to make from them will be beautiful, different from before, but beautiful, refined by the Maker.

With all my Love,
Heather Bleier


3 thoughts on “Tear Stained and Clean

  1. Beautiful! I’m so glad you have found grace and peace this morning. I’ve come to realize that God’s grace and peace are always there. We just have to claim it as our own each day, each minute. I praise God’s name for that this morning!!

    Father, you know I don’t deserve your peace and grace, but I proudly accept this gift from you as your child. Please continue to allow Heather to open her eyes to your peace and grace every moment of her life. In your most precious name I pray, Amen.


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