In and Out of Focus

My broken glasses...

This has been the state of my glasses for over a week now.  I went to put them on one morning and as you can see it didn’t work out to well.  I have a hard time seeing things that are far away.  Reading a book poses no problem, but trying to see anything more than three feet away takes great effort, concentration, and gives me a headache.  One of  my co-workers offered to let me borrow her glasses, but they just made everything worse, including my headache.  It’s amazing how those little glasses make a big difference on how I see the world around me.  Without them everything is just hazy and my eyes tire quickly under the strain of trying to get things in focus on their own.  That’s how I feel when I’m not spending time in the Word like I should be.

My Quiet Time Space

When I allow my busy life get in the way of my Quiet Time, my focus becomes unclear.  How can I understand the direction God wants me to take…if I don’t take the time to listen to His voice?  How can my heart’s hurts be healed if I ignore His commands and decrees?  When I miss out on my time with Christ, I get tired more easily, maybe not physically tired, but I find myself turning into someone who is the antithesis {$10 word right there} of Colossians 3:12.  When I try to be strong on my own, righteous on my own…instead of exuding compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience…I am harsh, uncaring, prideful, rash, and impatient.

It’s pretty much the end of the day for me right now, and am feeling the strain, my eyes feel like they are burning in my head.  There have been many who have needed me today, for a variety of reasons, and I find myself feeling a bit spiritually drained.  I am in need of a rest that can only come from Him and a refreshment that is more than just a nap {though I’d love one of those too!}.  I love, love, LOVE helping people, praying for them, encouraging them as they complete whatever task they have been given by God, or whatever they need. {Some people just need to know that they are moving in the right direction, assurance that they are being faithful men and women of God and I can offer that boost. } That being said, it can leave me a bit worn out, needing to be filled again by the One who fills me best, so I return to Him…maybe not on a daily basis like I know I should, but I turn to Him every chance I get and use the lens of His Word to refocus my life and refresh my soul.

God's Lens

Share a picture or a description of where you spend your quiet moments with God.  Are there any particular passages you read to be refreshed or a favorite Bible story?

7 thoughts on “In and Out of Focus

  1. Wow! This message has hit a bunch of us today!! I just wrote on the exact same thing today in my blog!! How can we offer the Gift of Hope to others, when we ourselves don’t feel hope? Hope is lost when we put our focus on other things! You got it right Sister!!!

    Praying we are all able to get our focus back so we truly can offer the Gift of Hope to others who are seeking!

    Praise God!



    Heather, I have enjoyed your enthusiastic posts this week. I love biking and finding that perfect spot (see pics) to pull out my Kindle to read A Confidant Heart. There’s just something about enjoying HIS presence in HIS creation!


  3. Amen…thank you, sis Heather this is great reminder to me i like verymuch, must be rooted in God’s Word Sol, so that when it comes to testing i will not fall away..(Luke 8:13),:-) God bless you more, and your family always. ❤ Sol


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