Your Next Step

I can’t wait until…

~ I can date

~ I can drive

~ I can go to college

~ I can marry

~ I have kids

~ I can quit my job

~ I can retire

~ I can…..

I remember growing up, I just couldn’t wait.  There were so many things I couldn’t do simply because I was too young, or too inexperienced.  I was so eager to do more, to be more…but I had so much I still needed to learn.

I went to Concordia University in Austin to earn my degree as Director of Christian Education, which is a fancy way of saying I do anything from plunge a toilet to help plan a gathering for over 900 screaming, excited middle school youth.  I’ve been working here at Our Savior Lutheran for six years now {including one year of internship}.  I admit, there are many days I will get home thinking, “God, I still have so much to learn.”  Though there are other days when I get home and think, “Really? I’m not 12 anymore, I went to school for this, I know what I’m doing, don’t you trust me with the job you’ve given me?”

How often have we come before God saying the same things?

“God, I have I have no idea what I’m doing, how can you trust me with this?  What if I mess this up?  What if I let you down?”


“God, seriously…why are You treating me like a little kid?  Don’t You think it’s time for me to move forward?  Can’t You trust me with this?”

I thank God He is all about preparation, getting us ready for our next big step.  He is in no rush either.  He wants to make sure that we are fully prepared for the road ahead…no matter how fast we may want to move, His priority is that we are ready.  I think in scripture, Moses is a great example of this.

Moses’ ultimate assignment from God was to lead the Israelites out of slavery in Egypt, but that’s not what he did right out of the gate.  God first prepared Him for the task.  If you do not already know the story of Moses, check out Exodus 1-4, I will refer to these as I go along.

Moses was born into slavery, and at that time the Pharaoh was afraid that the Hebrew nation would get too numerous and they would rise up against the Egyptians, so he made a decree.  He decreed that all boys born to the Hebrew women were to be thrown into the Nile {1:22}.  Moses would have been one of those thrown away, but God had other plans.

His mother hid him for three months {Ex 2:2} before placing him in a basket lined with pitch and placed him in the Nile {2:3}. Not knowing what would happen next, his big sister Miriam follows his basket as it floats downstream {2:4}.  He doesn’t seem to float long before Pharaoh’s daughter finds his basket, takes him as her own, and names him Moses {1} Moses sounds like the Hebrew word for “draw out”}.  He spent 40 years as an Egyptian.  Over those 40 years, he learned and worshiped their gods, understood their culture,  their social classes and absorbed their politics.  Then, while defending a fellow Hebrew, he kills an Egyptian and buries his body in the sand.  Escaping Pharaoh’s wrath, Moses spends the next 40 years of his life as a nomadic shepherd among the Midianites, learning what it takes to survive in the wilderness.  Once this next 40 years is over, God decides that it’s time and issues Moses’ final call to lead the Israelites out from slavery in Egypt, through the Sinai Peninsula to the Promised Land.

It took God 80 years to prepare Moses to be the leader the Israelites needed. So what about you? You may be ready and raring to go, to move on to your next big thing, your next big project in life…but take a few minutes to find out from God if you are ready.  You never know, He may have something important for you to learn before you take the next big step.

Resources: 1) QuickVerse 2011 {Look out, I’m armed and dangerous y’all!}

One thought on “Your Next Step

  1. I think you wrote this with me specifically in mind. I am ALWAYS and FOREVER in a hurry to learn and move on. Have to remember in God’s time…not mine.


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