From an Amateur Blogger {Seriously}

Here are just a couple of things I’ve learned as an amateur blogger {most of which is pretty common sense, nothing profound}.  This has nothing to do with God per say, but I was just thinking these things up last night….not sure if I’ll add more once I publish this.

1. If your host provides a “mobile view” that makes it easier for people to read your blog from their smart phone or tablet…let it!  Why not make it easier for your readers to navigate your site?

2. If your post exceeds 800 words…try making it into two posts.  For some people, more than 800 words is a bit too much for them.  {Oooo, look something shiny!!!!} {BTW…I almost never follow this “rule”}

3. That being said, if you have something really worth saying {especially when it comes from the Lord}, people won’t care how long it takes you to say it!

4. Don’t get obsessed by your stats. Do you really think you should be checking those things every five minutes?  If you are writing for the Lord…let Him worry about the “stats,” I guarantee you He’s got bigger plans for the hearts who read what He’s offering.

5. Spell check isn’t always your friend. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve “misspelled” a word that spell check didn’t catch.  Like Taxes instead of Texas {guilty}.  If you a have a little time, have someone read your post for you; even if you’ve already published, ask them to check it out for any blips…it can’t hurt.

6. If you use a $10 word, be sure it’s used clearly. Most of us are not as smart as you give us credit for…just being honest here. Don’t know what a “$10 word” is?  Then you probably don’t use them.

7. Let your readers have a chance to get to know you a little better.  Create an About Me page.  This is also a great opportunity to let your readers know why you are writing, what is your overall purpose.

8.  If you don’t use your Twitter or Facebook…I wouldn’t really worry about posting a link. If you are a social networkoholic {like me} then this is another great way for your readers to get to know you and receive updates from you.

That’s everything I can think of right now.  I am currently working on a post about how God prepares us for the work He has planned for our lives.  If you have some time, read about Moses in Exodus 1-4.  See you again soon!

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