Memorizing God’s Word

When I was in college I performed in over 14 plays and I memorized hundreds of lines, sooooo I have compiled a dozen ways to help you commit God’s Word in your heart…

memorizing God's Word

Tips and Ideas for Memorizing Scripture

{ You can combine some of these ideas together.}

1.    Start small!  There’s no need to try and memorize a huge verse right away.  Start with shorter ones and work your way up, memorizing a longer verse each week.  You can also divide up a passage over the course of a month.  For example, Psalm 23 could be memorized over the course of one month, memorizing one or two lines each week.

2.     Write the scripture on several index cards or post-it notes and place them in areas where you will see them frequently throughout the day.  Examples: on the bathroom mirror, refrigerator door, in the car, at work, etc…

3.     Get a stack of index cards and on each one write one or two words from the verse, including the reference.  Shuffle them up and see if you can put them in the correct order again.  Save the cards and reuse common words found in other verses.

4.     Divide the number of words in the verse by 3.  (If there are 30 words, you would end up with 10.)  At the beginning of the week, write the verse on three pieces of paper or index cards.  On the first sheet leave 10 blanks, on the second one leave 20 blanks, and the last one is completely empty.  On Thursday try filling in the 10 blanks, on Friday the 20 blanks, and finally on Saturday write the entire verse from memory.

5.     Choose verses that relate to something you are going through in life right now.  If you are struggling with…

6.     Send the verse to friends and family by typing, texting, or writing it out by hand.  You can look at the verse, but do not copy and paste!  Try writing it at least once a day.

7.     Add motions to the words. Create your own motions or you use American Sign Language.

8.     Study with a friend, your spouse, or teach it to your kids!  Quiz each other and keep each other on track.  What a great way for families to spend time in the Word together!

9.     Change the wall paper on your computer to an image that has your Bible verse.

10.     Download a FREE App that helps you memorize.

11.     Here are a few other ideas from my middle school students who have a memory verse every week: 1) Read it over and over. 2) Put the words to music. 3) Have someone say the verse to you aloud and you try to say it back.

12.     The BEST way to keep scripture memorized is to use it as often as you can!  Include the verse in your prayers, write or talk about what the verse means to you and how you can apply this Truth to your life.  Personalize the verse by inserting your name!

If you have a creative way of memorizing scripture I’d LOVE for you to share below!

18 thoughts on “Memorizing God’s Word

  1. Here is how I like to put scripture to memory. I call it my 5 finger verse to memorize, it’s easy and fun, try it. Works with any short verse.

    I Thessalonians 5:16-18

    (every time from now on every time you give a thumbs up it will remind you to Rejoice)

    Thumbs up!
    Rejoice always,

    1st finger
    Pray continually,

    2nd finger
    give thanks in every situation;

    3rd finger
    because this is God’s will

    4th finger
    for you in Christ Jesus

    5th finger
    1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 (CEB)


    1. Absolutely Renee! Use whatever you’d like and let em know if you see anything that could use a tweak. God’s blessings!

      ❤ Heather

      {And pardon me while I completely geek out like a 12 year old.}


  2. Thanks for sharing your steps for Bible verse memorization, especially that there is an iPhone app for it! I love putting a verse to music and singing it. I teach 5th graders at church and we’ve learned Isaiah 57:15 by singing it…pretty awesome to see these kids learn a new verse. Thanks again!


  3. I do the bulletin for my church and would love to put this on the back one Sunday. Can I pleeeeeeeeeeeeeez have permission?


  4. I use the Scripture Typer app for iPhone and it is awesome! I have never been able to memorize verses as easily as I have with it.


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