Armor of God

I know many people already know about the Armor of God, but I love these verses so much I still wanted to take a closer look at them.  In my last post, we took a close look at our enemy and discovered that he is not an opponent to be taken lightly.  Satan is very real, and very much does not want us to know or understand the unending love God has shown us through His Son Jesus Christ.  God knew we could not stand up against Satan and his lies by relying on our own strength or means, so He has given us armor fit for a king.

The Belt of Truth: Without God’s Truth, we cannot see the Devil for what he is, a liar, bent on drawing us away from Christ.  When I researched Roman armor circa the time of Jesus, I discovered that the belt used in the armor had a very important role.  Though it is listed first, it actually would be one of the last pieces to be put on.  This belt or girdle, would actually help hold the other pieces of armor in place and displace some of the weight of the breastplate and or chain mail.  It would also hold the sheath for the soldier’s sword and or dagger.

The Breastplate of Righteousness: On our own, we have no righteousness, we fall prey to our sinful nature and there is nothing we can do to set things right with God.  How amazing is it then that God offers to cover us with His own righteousness?!  Our sin filled hearts our covered by the righteousness given to us through Jesus’ death and resurrection.  This Righteousness is held up by God’s Truth!

Feet Fitted with the Gospel of Peace: A soldier who has been trained and has a clear purpose can move readily and with confidence.  The footwear of a Roman soldier was more than just a shoe that offered protection.  It was more like a pair of cleats.  When the enemy would try and force them backward, the cleat would help them dig in and stand their ground.  It made it easier for them to move forward, but challenging for the enemy to push them around.  As Christians, God has given us the Gospel of Peace.  We have a firm place to stand, a purpose for moving forward, and confidence to move without slipping.

The Shield of Faith: Faith is trusting in the unseen, trusting in something or someone else to take care of you.  For many of us…that is no easy task!  We want to be in control, know what’s going on and rely on ourselves to get things done, but we can’t rely on our selves when we face Satan.  As he shoots flaming arrows in our direction, we have to trust that God will get us through anything that comes our way.  These arrows can take on so many different forms: loneliness, despair, hardships, trials, betrayal, self doubt, insecurity, and {blank}.  The Roman shield protected more than just the person holding it.  If you were in the infantry, your shield was about as tall as you were and protected you and the person directly behind you.  There are many times when someone will see your faith and their own faith will be strengthened!  How many times have you met someone who is facing incalculable odds and yet perseveres?  Fully relying on God to get them through?  And how many times has your own faith grown simply by their example?

The Helmet of Salvation:   The Roman helmet has the obvious task of protecting a soldier’s head, but how does that directly relate to Salvation?  Let’s face it, if you loose your head…you have lost your life.  If we think we can do things on our own, earning God’s love and paving our own way into heaven, we will find ourselves separated from Him for eternity.  With Salvation, we know that the fight has already been won, that no matter what happens to us in life, Satan cannot take eternity away from us.  Our minds can be clear, because the battle has been won and we will receive the prize won for us by Christ.

The Sword of the Spirit: This tends to be most people’s favorite piece of armor, because this is the one piece that gives us a chance to fight against our enemy.  Remember the Belt of Truth?  Can you guess where the Sword of the Spirit is stored?  God’s Word and Truth go hand in hand simply because God’s Word IS Truth.  It’s the only weapon we have against the Devil and believe me it’s powerful!  “For the word of God is living and active. Sharper than any double-edged sword, it penetrates even to dividing soul and spirit, joints and marrow” Hebrews 4:12.  It is all we need to send the Devil packing.

There is actually one other piece of armor, though Scripture doesn’t give it a specific name.  Our last piece is Prayer and we’ll make it our dagger sheathed alongside our Sword of the Spirit on our Belt of Truth.  As God’s soldiers, we must listen to our Commander to know what to do and how to fight.  If we do not listen to Him, we risk getting hurt or leaving someone else open to an attack.  God has given us the powerful gift of prayer, freedom to talk with Him anytime, anywhere, and talk to Him about anything.  When we are in constant communication with God, He gives us the instruction we need.  Instructions for us and at times, instructions we need to pass onto others.

So how about it.  Are you armored up?  Or are you leaving yourself open?

Resources: Roman Armor and more Roman Armor

7 thoughts on “Armor of God

  1. Heather,

    I absolutely LOVE this!! This is one of my most favorite passages in Scripture. You did such a wonderful job bringing it alive. And I just love that you ended with prayer. So many times when this is taught and memorized, we leave out prayer.

    Love you!!!


    1. Wendy,
      Thank you! I love these verses and I love teaching this passage to my students. So often we look at the pieces without really understanding how they protect us physically and spiritually.

      Love you too!


  2. Excellent post, Heather! Thank you for reminding me just how important the Armor of God really is. It can be something we put on, on a daily basis, but forget sometimes WHY we are do this, and how important it truly is! THANK YOU!!!


    1. Amen to that Christi! Sometimes we take things that God gives us for granted. We wonder why we struggle so much and then realize we haven’t used the gifts He has already given us to help us in our daily life. ❤ Heather


  3. Great post! I was studying this very topic today because Sunday I am teaching this at children’s Church and I really have to make it simple. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with me just when I needed it the most!!


    1. Kelly,
      I’m so glad that you found this useful. When I teach it to my kids I have someone play the part of the Devil or “bad guy” (usually me unless I get another volunteer). Then I put them into groups and have each group make one piece of the armor. After that I dress up on of the kids in the armor and talk about how each one protects them from the Devil. At the end I give them the Sword of the Spirit, talk about prayer and then the one all dressed up in the armor knocks the Devil over :). They get a huge kick out of being able to act it out! Have a great time teaching this Sunday!!
      ❤ Heather


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