A Beautiful Conclusion

Not one of these things is anything that I would compare to the pain others have had to endure.  For many this will only look like a molehill compared to the mountains others have had to climb.  Regardless, I have only shared a part of my mountain and I have had to deal with what it means for my life.

But…God is good and God is LOVE, I trust in Him for all things, my faith will not be shaken….

 “God is {MY} refuge and strength, {MY} ever-present help in trouble.” Psalm 46:1

Some people can look back at what has happened in their lives and say, “Yeah, I can see how God was there for me during {blank},” “I can understand His plan for my life, why He let {blank} happen,” OR “I see how God has used {blank} to enrich my life and used it to prepare me for {blank}.”

Me? I have no idea why God let these things happen.  I don’t understand how any of this fits into His greater plan…but I know my God.  I know His heart.  He proved His everlasting love for me when He sacrificed His Son on the cross to redeem me of my sin.  When He took up residence in my heart, choosing to dwell within me through the waters of baptism…

What I can say looking back on all that has happened, is that I can see how He placed godly women in my life who built me up and encouraged me through my struggles.  Each one drew me closer in my walk with God.  None of them promised to take away my hurt or heal my wounds, but instead they pointed me to the One who brings wholeness to the broken and a peace that surpasses all human understanding.

I may never understand this plan of His…it may not be my place to understand, not like others do.  Make no mistake I no longer sit here feeling shame or guilt that does not belong to me.  I’m not shedding tears of sorrow as I write these words.  I am forgiven and free, I have forgiven and I am freed!  God has promised to be with me through anything and everything that I will endure in this life.  He has given His Word, that He will uphold me with His righteous right hand and when God makes a promise He sees it through.  God promises that the Words He has spoken will not return to Him until they have achieved their purpose.

My history is ugly, painful, confusing, and this was only a slice, but each day God is with me every step of the way and so I will trust in Him, I will press on with Him dwelling within my heart and know that what the work He has begun in me will one day be part of my beautiful history…

4 thoughts on “A Beautiful Conclusion

  1. Thank you for sharing your story chica. You are an amazing and strong woman in Christ and I am honored to know you. I pray your life continues to be blessed. ~


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