puzzles…that He who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus. ~Philippians 1:6

I love putting together puzzles. I delight in discovering a piece’s rightful place, but sometimes I’ll put it in the wrong place and it stays there for quite a while. The piece seems like it’s a perfect match, at first. All the sides line up and even the colors are in perfect harmony. It’s not until I get further along that I realize my mistake, as the puzzle pieces around it seem…off.

The offending piece is removed and set aside again until its place is finally revealed. I don’t throw it away, discarding it completely because I know eventually I will figure out where it fits into the big picture, even if it’s the last one I place.

If the piece were to disappear or be lost, my puzzle would never be complete, leaving a hole that no other piece will fit; after all, they have their own home to fill.

There are different ways we can relate to this little puzzle, but I prefer to be the puzzle maker. I take each precious piece and figure out the best place to put it until the picture begins to come together. I have the option of using the box to guide me, giving me a better chance of successfully placing each one on the first try or go at it blind, trying to match colors and shapes. Of course, I always start with the edges, setting up the framework. There are times when I get busy and the puzzle is left incomplete for some time, a week, a month, or maybe even longer.

Often times, we look at our lives like a puzzle.

We look back trying to figure out where everything fits together, hoping that the final picture matches the one we have formed in our mind.

At times, we study one particular piece over and over, wondering how it could possibly fit. Was it packaged in the wrong puzzle? We want to discard it, but we have to hold on to it because we know that it must fit in somewhere and without that piece, the final picture will never be complete. The strange thing is, once we figure out where that piece belongs, the entire picture changes. What we once believed, turns completely on its ear.

The picture on the box no longer matches. Instead of seeing our jagged, misshapen pieces coming together to create a blotchy, uneven picture of ourselves…we see the face of our Maker.

Each piece of ourselves, serving its purpose in His great design, He knew how everything would come together. It didn’t matter the order the pieces were placed or how often they were misplaced. The pieces that looked broken and hideous on their own created a picture that surpassed all beauty.


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